Mobile Phones Nokia

Nokia phones have always been famous for their physical endurance and durability of the battery. A few years ago was the dominant brand in the Brazilian market. Another aspect that made the Nokia cell phones the perfect choice was the ease of use of the software of the device. However, as in the past, cell phones were just to talk, the software was simpler and there were no such big differences between the marks. Over time new functions have been added to phones making increasingly larger and complex software.

Nokia and Symbian Operating System

Nokia uses nowadays the Symbian operating system of your device. This operating system equips the famous Nokia N95, one of the best recent equipment of the company. But the competition is great and, when it comes to smarthfones, Symbian loses ugly for the iphone and for Android.

The Android operating system was created using newest technologies, based in free software and in conjunction with several companies that already have all the know-how in the construction of mobile handsets and software for the same. This makes Android far superior to Symbian, used on Nokia phones. The Nokia N97 for example has a great hardware but the Symbian used the same appears not to take advantage of all the capabilities of the device.

Soon we will write on the site a comparative of Symbian with Android so that the reader can notice the difference. I changed recently my Nokia N97 for a Motorola and am very pleased. No phone is perfect for all you expect, but the Motorola Droid has surprised me positively. The Motorola Droid has price compatible with the Nokia N97, lost in some categories but gains in others that I consider most important.

Symbian Operating System: It’s Past Time to End

I believe that Nokia cell phones are very good, but the Symbian “has gone to give” and it’s time to innovate! As it is I believe Nokia will lose a lot in the market of smartphones!

And you, the reader? I’ve used a phone with Android operating system? What did you think?

Do you think Nokia should use Android on their devices?

Nokia mobile phones are still as good as before?

Leave a comment and we will discuss these matters.