Mobile Rugged and Cheap! How to Choose One That Lasts A Lot!

If you are a user of smartphone that works or is very outdoors or in extreme environments, you need a mobile phone that can withstand harsh conditions. You are likely to worry about the durability of the phone instead of your appearance or fancy features. Although you know that their criteria for a smartphone are different from that user who seeks a basic phone, you may not know which cell phone to choose from. Read about a comparison of the best rugged cell phones available.

Mobile Rugged and Cheap! How to Choose One That Lasts A Lot!

How to Choose A Cell Phone Rugged and Cheap?

For people looking for a sturdy phone, a number of features to the top of the wish list. These include many times meeting the specifications laid down to ensure a phone can withstand the elements and extreme conditions. You may want to look for a smartphone that has noise canceling features and weather conditions, such as low and high temperatures, humidity and low pressure. You’ll also want to look for a phone that won’t be damaged if it is wet, fall, or become covered in dust.

IP Certification

When a smartphone receives an IP certification, meaning that he is resistant to some of the most extreme situations, such as immersion in water, sand and dust. After the IP letters two numbers (in some cases, a letter), which indicate what are the protections that the cell phone has. For example, the IP67 protection has become quite common among high-end cell phones. This protection means that the appliance must total protection against dust (represented by the number 6) and water protection in total immersion up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes (represented by the number 7 according to travelationary).

But a cell phone for extreme situations need a bit more than that, since the IP certification does not include protection against knocks and falls, for example.

Sturdy and Inexpensive Phones for the Hard Work

The dumbphones, i.e. mobile phones with a few features that are basically used for calls and SMS messages are usually more durable. But this durability may be more associated with the disposability of these devices, as its cheap price makes them easy to replace. Is a fusion of simplicity, disposability and some durability. However, it does not require more than a simple low resolution camera and the possibility of receiving and sending multimedia messages for these devices.

Who’s searching for a more resilient and inexpensive smartphone, there are specific templates for those who live and/or work in extreme situations. These cell phones start at values from U $ 250.00 and have usually a rubber cover that protects them from falling, inclusive. Models with more features and greater strength can pass easily from R$1000.

There are xing-lings with rubberized body with lower values than those disclosed above, but be careful because these phones often, even have some kind of quality control.

However, there is still a third option more into account and creative.

Resistant Covers for Smartphones

For practically every smartphone there is a more resistant cover made for extreme situations. The options are of the most varied, since most basic protection against water to fall protection to great heights. With a little research and comparisons, you’ll find a cover for mobile that fits well in your needs. Invest in brands known and find a robust model, which will keep your device protected. So, you can choose any mobile device available on the market, not limited to only a few isolated models.

Final Considerations

When your job or your hobby requires that you have a phone that can withstand adverse conditions and the elements, consider a robust smartphone and a Cape so strong when the appliance. Evaluate the size, durability and features what each offers. Compare your specifications, benefits and disadvantages to determine which phone best suits your needs. Just because you like a smartphone as tough as you, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to open some exceptions in some features of the device.

Do you have recommendations of covers and smartphones more resistant? Share in the comments your opinions and recommendations.