More Details about the iPad Pro

Most expect that Apple will send a new and larger iPad on the street next year, and new details have emerged.

An iPad with a size of just over 12 “is on the way next year, it is most would agree, but otherwise not many details. The name is on the reputation of the base iPad Pro, and now there are cropped a bit more pieces to the puzzle up.

The new information comes from a Japanese Apple-centric site that can tell you that the iPad Pro will be thinner than the new iPhone 6 Plus. Their information says that it will measure 6, 1 mm like the iPad Air 2.iPhone 6 Plus meter 7.1 mm in thickness.

There may also be good news on the way for those who play much music from their iPad. The new and major version will have speakers at both ends, similar to those found on the iPad Air 2.

iPad Pro is expected by many to come in the second half of next year, so there is likely to be a while until we get it to view.