Morena Rosa Moda Feminina 2016

The Morena Rosa is one of the manufacturers of more tuned in national clothing market trends. With its own parade and collection that serves as the basis for smaller brands, their collections are among the most anticipated in the São Paulo Fashion Week and the week of Rio. The Morena Rosa 2016 collection is already in stores and you can see out there much similar thing and inspired, but it is worth always accompany the original, right?

Expectations of Morena Rosa for fashion 2015 summer is very urban and stripped style. Models are valuing comfort, a little color and chartists prints of various styles street wear. One example is the collection launched, with more than five models cotton shirt with chartists prints in black and white, another major focus of the brand and fashionistas.

Collection Models Morena Rosa 2016

Starting with the typical summer piece, the low cut short, we have two models: jeans and faux leather, both inspired by street fashion as well. The interesting thing is the return to power of waist high for another year in a row, a great inspiration in the 70s and 80s that promises to stay a little longer. The high waist has its advantages, how to make the waist thinner, not to break the stomach and help keep the body slimmer. It is worth investing.

The blouse on canvas or leaked blouse various shades is also a focus of the brand. It is the tendency of the overlay with transparency by putting a shirt or top underneath and razing. Speaking on top, Morena Rosa also brings some. Compounds, justinhos and neutral colors like classic black, to match all the same.

It prints? Is yes! Not so glaring and not even with brightness as in previous summers. It is the stamping in nature colors with plant designs and rarely flowers for the next season. Another good tip is to invest in tribal prints, one also bet Morena Rosa shirts for day to day. Flowers are discreet and elegant combinations like red flower with black background, a hint both to wear day and night

Speaking at the female part there, dresses, long and short wait discrete and fair. The draperies are left out this time, giving arterial runoff to loose and extremely long models, but adjusting the legs not to get too party guy. And as Morena Rosa works primarily with mesh, stick with models for a day of celebration, a way out with friends at night and maybe the year facing the sea. Highlights of the collection are with floral dresses with side slits on both sides but well below a badly behaved and unobtrusive model and basic necklines. Lots of color in the collection and many prints on dresses for the day.