Most Beautiful Wedding Shoes

Not just white, ivory or champagne. Here’s the coolest colors for your wedding shoes 2014.Looking for an original idea? Let yourself be inspired by our photo gallery.

Were once strictly white or ivory, as well as the wedding dress that traditionally was candid as the snow, in the past few years, however, more and more brides who wear colorful accessories to break the monotony of the dress, taking inspiration from a whole palette of colors that from dusty pink to red has literally revolutionized the tradition. From gowns to Accessories, starting precisely from the shoes, today we will reveal the trend colours for bride, new seasonal shades that will meet the taste of the bride more extroverted but also more classic while wearing a white dress is willing to be swayed by new wedding trend that fashion designers we have proposed for the 2014.

Colored wedding shoes 2014

Since we are in the Christmas spirit the first advice I give is of course the colour of passion for excellence: the Red to be proposed also to the altar, will be a little eccentric but you will not be neither the first nor the last to wear a pair of shoes so showy, combined with care at rose bouquet or Lipstick color. Brides sported on duty at least a couple of years ago, the yellow, a colour seemingly hard to match, is the new must for brides of 2014: be careful to choose the right shade, best to avoid the yellow “Canary” and stake everything on dusty tones.

The rose, especially in shades of dusty pink, is one of those colors that fit like a glove so Romanesque at a wedding, and it tops the list of coolest colors to wear for her wedding day. There are many brides who have sported pink dresses at the altar, but it would simply break up the monotony of white with pink shoes and accessories, or a shade turned on by Fuchsia. The grey, however, apparently can seem a color too gloomy but it all depends on shades of gray and tissue of the shoe. It is without a doubt a neutral color, very elegant, but for the wedding day you have to carefully choose the right shade, in principle more is clear and Pearl, tending to silver, best you can combine it with the mood of the wedding.

How to choose wedding shoes

Are you sure you want to wear a pair of colored shoes for the wedding? Well, then you’ll have to carefully choose both the model and the color, starting with the assumption that a pair of pink, red or yellow will be strictly matched with a white dress, but to give a touch of vitality to the look will also invoke a detailed outfit. A pair of red shoes, for example, could fit very well to the flower bouquet, or accessory that you will wear the hair in a circle of colored lace or a veil. Pink or yellow might invoke the color of a colored strap cinched at the waist or a tulle flower to be applied on the skirt of the dress. Gray, not color par excellence, however, does not need much to stand out, it would be enough simply to wear white gold jewelry or lighting points. You would think, also, to match the shoes to the entire mood of the wedding, in which case the Emerald shoes would be ideal for a country wedding, as well as yellow complements to a wedding in cottages. As for the template, you can choose according to your needs, the most suitable one, but don’t forget that in principle on a very broad and pompous dress should you wear a couple of Nice stilts, with a short dress instead will be fine even a pair of flats or alternatively an open-toe shoes, and don’t forget the shoes keep feet all day then should be beautiful but comfortable. To learn more check out our guide on how to choose shoes for your wedding day.