Most iPhone Users Have iPhone 5

Worldwide, there are the most active iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, most common is last year’s model iPhone 5. View the list here.

A new inventory shows, according to how the shares of Localytics active iPhone models are distributed. It is last year’s model, iPhone 5, which is most common with whole 39.8 percent of the market. It writes our site.

iPhone 4S are right on the heels, on the iPhone 5, with a share of 32.9 percent.

The two new models, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 c, which has been on sale in a month’s time in some markets in the world have now combined 5.5 percent-of-market of active iPhones. The 5.5 percent is distributed with 3.8 percent to iPhone 5S, while the iPhone 5 c has just under half-namely 1.7 percent.

Figures from Localytics comes an analysis system, which measures the use of web and mobile applications on 40 million iPhones.