Most Used Sunglasses In Winter Sports

In the winter months all opticians recommend using sunglasses to prevent eye dryness and photokertitis (retinal eye burn). It is recommended especially for winter sports.

Most Used Sunglasses In Winter Sports

The Most Used Glasses In Winter Sports

The reason why, is it necessary to wear glasses if they are winter sports? It is the next, the sun is lower on the horizon and this causes its rays to strike more directly into the eye causing more irritation or dryness.

So which glasses would be the right ones? Without a doubt, polarized glasses are the healthiest option for winter. These glasses are usually recommended for winter because of their ability to protect the eye, reducing glare and reflections in addition to reducing the luminosity so intense own of winter days. In addition to that if you want to do sports like skiing, the snowboard or even the telemark, or simply stroll through the snow should be wearing a sunglasses listed on SONGAAH.

The good thing about the mask type glasses is that they also protect the skin that would be exposed with sunglasses, so, it also prevents you burn an important part of the face.

Polarized And Winter Sports

Take care because not all the glasses to do snow, telemark, ski. They are polarized. It is very common to see these types of glasses and think that if they are. Why is this common mistake made?Because the snow goggles that are used normally have a degraded finish or in some other cases the mirror effect and therefore extrapolate what, ” If the glass is degraded is equal to it is polarized, ergo, all gradients are polarized lenses  But … make no mistake, that a lens is polarized or not can not be perceived, it is best to ask an optician when you go to buy them.

However, the sunglasses do not have to be polarized, since, in any case, the sunglasses themselves, help prevent UVA rays from penetrating the eyes, causing discomfort in the short to medium term.But if you want to do sports such as snowboarding, skiing, telemark, or any other type of sport that is done on snowy terrain, the best option for its visual clarity are polarized glasses.

Some brands with polarized crystals are: Oakley that also has a magnificent discounts of 34%, on the other hand, we have the  Polaroid of the whole life, which has several models of polarized glasses. Adidas like Oakley are designed for sports, so they are more practical and now have a 35% discount.