Moto 360 Smartwatch: New Color and Lady Size

Motorola’s rather circular smartwatch, Moto 360, comes in new colors and with narrower strap.

A market’s nicest smart watches will now have a new look. With the U.S. trade portal Amazon are new variants of Moto 360 appeared: gold and a lady-model with 18 mm strap.

Gold Edition is not cast in gold, but with today’s most popular gold plated color: champagne-gold.

So far, only Apple’s Watch which came in women’s size, will now have female Moto 360 buyers the opportunity to choose straps with 18 mm width, slimmer than the current 22 mm width, which are typically associated with men’s watches.

The two new variants, however, were quickly sold out and new supplies are at least one month in the future, according to Amazon’s website. It writes Android police.

Moto 360 is not in Commerce in Denmark yet, but can be ordered in the European online shopping for roughly 250 euro + shipping.