Motorola Mobility Officially Acquired by Lenovo

Google’s sell-offs of Motorola’s mobile unit has been completed. From today takes over the iconic mobile manufacturer Lenovo.

Lenovo has now become a brand richer, after acquisitions of IBM’s Thinkpad and Medion brand smokes the Motorola Mobility now under the Chinese gigants tabs.

After a series of downgrades and a severe adjustment from phone to smartphone era was Motorola acquired by Google. After a series of successful launches, including budget phone Moto G, Google smartphone-Business Mobility, divested in January 2014 for 17 billion Danish kroner. A trade which is now brought to the door.

With the acquisition of Lenovo Motorola’s full portfolio of smartphones is taking, including Moto X, Moto, Moto E G, Nexus 6 and smart clock Moto 360. Future product plans are also included in the sale.

Lenovo will operate as a subsidiary, Motorola continues to be headquartered in Chicago. With the agreement, of which inherits Lenovo 3,500 new employees 2,800 in the United States.

A new global 3′ is

With enlargement overtakes Lenovo Huawei in third place as global smartphone manufacturer. A historic anniversary for Lenovo: “today we reached a historic milestone for Lenovo and Motorola – and together we are ready to compete and grow in the global smartphone market. By being a strong number three and a worthy challenger to the two major smartphone manufacturers in the world, we are giving the market a choice, competition and a new shot of innovation, “said Yang Yuanqing, President and CEO of Lenovo.

Motorola Mobility has no employees in Denmark, but Lenovo’s Danish Executive Director Jørn R see perspectives in the acquisition. He explains: “that follows no Danish employees from Motorola Mobile, but the agreement will have in the long term, also of great importance to the introduction of mobile phones on the Danish market-and it is an area we have long been looking forward to deal with.”