Motorola Moto 360-the First Impression [Web]

The world’s first (almost) round the smart watch has landed on URmobilsiden.dks editors. Here are our first impressions.

It is with great enthusiasm that the box for the world’s first round smartwatch, today was opened. Motorola Moto 360’s Agency, which so far has shown most possibilities in Google’s operating system for smart watches, Android Wear.

As soon as one ranging Agency of the wrist is not in doubt, the circular design is a much-needed break with quadratic smart watches and their angular look. Moto 360 is first and foremost a watch how smart watches from Samsung, LG and Sony, rather, can be defined as pocket-computers with a strap.

The industrial design is at the same time, successful, here is minimalism, which easily could find their way to a Stelton or B & O-catalog. A small point of criticism, however, is the physical dimensions, the watch belongs to the crowd of major mens watches with his 46 mm sized slice.

But even if the watch is large, it does not seem oversized. Thickness of 11.5 mm makes the clock is nearing its limits to the clumsy-however, without exceeding it.

To make the screen both large and round, Motorola’s design team had to swallow some camels. The largest, and most critical, appeals will be probably a shorter operating time, for battery on 300 mAh belongs to the smaller in class, but must at the same time, operate one of the largest screens on the market. A second, smaller bet is that light-sensor and display connections covers for the bottom of the screen and then the screen is not particularly sharp.

A rare aura

But the many småskavanker is so far forgotten, Moto 360 possesses the rare aura that only radical new products can provide. And as a tester forelskes easy Moto’ens futuristic, but at the same time in the wonderfully simple expressions.

The operating time, Android Wear applications on round screens, voice-activation in both English and Danish is one of the things we want to test in the near future. It is with great enthusiasm that the test now kicks off.