Nail Art Spring

It ‘important to have beautiful and manicured hands and with the arrival of summer we can indulge ourselves with manicures.

We can leave it alone for a while’ the usual red or nude enamels and we can take the opportunity to impress and express our creativity through nail art!
looking for new inspiration to change appearance to your nails?
we have chosen three nail art colorful and easy to make!

Nail art geometric

  1. After applying the nails a transparent base, begin to spread a white glaze and repeat twice.
  2. With the help of special strips for nail art, drawn with the blue enamel a V as opposed to the base of each nail.If you do not have the adhesive strips you can use the brush of an old eyeliner.
  3. With the blue enamel draw a horizontal line in the middle of each nail, just above the V you drew earlier.At this point you start coloring the entire delineated area.
  4. Roll out the red glaze on top of the nail.
  5. Draw a black line at the point where the colors red and blue meet.This will help you hide any burrs.
  6. Your nail art is ready!

Nail art multicolor

  1.  After using a base for the nails, apply a white nail polish in two passes. See more on Makeupnecessities.
  2. With a thin brush, start drawing many small lines on the nails using the colors you prefer.To faithfully recreate this nail art, you start from the little finger and choose a yellow glaze.
  3. Sull’anulare drawn lines with blue enamel.
  4. Proceed with a purple nail polish even on the middle finger.
  5. Repeat on the index using a green glaze.
  6. To finish, draw lines on the thumb also choosing this time a pink enamel.

Two-tone nail art

  1. Start to draw a base layer on the transparent nail polish and then apply a pale pink color.
  2. Draw a small M at the top of the nail and paint the area created with a pink enamel.
  3. Repeat the procedure also at the bottom.
  4. With the help of a brush draw two very thin lines: the first at the top of the nail, the second at the bottom.