Necklace with Name

The necklace with the name can be found on various metals such as gold and silver. Some women use these necklaces with names, others with the names of their boyfriends, husbands and children, and also some women use the names of their idols, this last case we see in younger, when the passion for the idol is most frequently.

Usually this type of collar is used by a younger audience, but this is not a unanimous vote. This is a type of accessory that has its high and low points in the preference of women, lately this accessory again had evidence thanks to the character Marina Ruy Barbosa in the novel “Empire” The Maria Isis often wore a silver necklace with the name is neck. And like all we know the novels influence and the look of women.

Some women prefer the pendant with the name is purely metal, but there are other options available, some women beyond the metal like to put rhinestones on the pendant to give a personal touch accessory. The novelty in this type of attachment is that he left purely to have the person’s name, he added other elements to it, for example: a person who wants to put the name of the couple in the pendant can buy a heart pendant and send record name the couple, as the mother who wants the name of the children can buy a pendant representing the sex of the child and have them write the child’s name (a).

With this attitude, the essence of the necklace with the name does not change, but it begins to acquire a totally different guise. And this new version of the necklace with the name goes beyond the pendants, the materials that are used to make the necklace are also changing out the metal collar exclusively, we now have necklaces made of beads and fabrics.

Still talking about new features in the necklace with the name, the materials that are the pendants made also moved beyond the traditional made pendant with metal acrylic pendant also begins to gain market having different colors the pendant acrylic is successful among younger.

This type of accessory is available for sale almost everywhere, having various price ranges to suit all tastes and pockets. There are online stores that provide several options such accessories and a wide range of materials and design, and purchases from R $ 60,00 the shipping is free, the necklaces price range is between R $ 40.00 and R $ 100.00. Recalling that the site in addition to necklaces offers the option to mount a custom necklace, so even you can put together a necklace with a style of his own, you can choose from the type of cord to the pendant style you prefer and beyond necklaces the site offers the option bracelets with his name.

Not only anonymous using the collar with the name, many celebrities have joined this trend, for example, the singer Ivete Sangalo, the singer Adele, singer Rihanna among others several famous, celebrities prefer mostly the more traditional necklaces with the same name and metals such as silver and gold. This serves to illustrate that the necklace with the name is an item that pleases all women, whether they are famous or anonymous.

However, if you do not like the idea of ​​using a collar with his name in any way in any of its variations, there is an option that can please you, using a paste with only the initial letter of the name, many women who do not like to put the name on their collars, choose this option. This type of necklace is a much more discreet option that can give that touch the most in production.

For this type of necklace with only the initial letter of the name is recommended to choose more traditional metals such as gold and silver, as they represent a point of light in the composition of visual and touch more on production.

Therefore, we conclude that the necklace with the name is an item that has a permanent presence in the port gem of women, it is an item that has its ups and downs, but that reinvents itself with the years, creating new versions and ways of being used, so no matter your age always have a collar with proper name for you. Try!