Netatmo, the security Camera Welcome is Enriched with New Features

One of the most active at the CES in Las Vegas is definitely Netatmo, from 2011 committed to offering solutions for safety, environment and warming on the global market.

After I announced My Presence, before outdoor security camera capable of recognizing the presence of people, animals and cars won four CES Awards, Netatmo presented three new features introduced in Welcome, home security camera with facial recognition.

“Welcome is a turning point, an object that makes the smart houses even smarter,” said Fred Potter, founder and CEO of Netatmo. “It’s the most advanced consumer security camera. With Welcome, the user finally is quiet when it is out of the House because he knows exactly when and who comes into your home. “

Released during CES Las Vegas 2015 and winner of four CES Innovation Awards, Welcome can count on an updated version of the facial recognition technology, based on a proprietary algorithm which reduces learning time can “offer impressive performance, better than the last generation, allowing the camera to recognize faces with more accuracy.”

A second new feature is the ability to store videos on the SD card, not only locally but also on a personal server using FTP, function already introduced in Presence.

Finally, Welcome send a notification and record a video when it detects an alarm (fire, CO, security).

Coming in during the first quarter of the year, three new features will be available for free for all owners of Netatmo Welcome.

The camera can be purchased on Amazon UK (on offer at 145 pounds), John Lewis (£ 199.95) or (199 euros).

The companion app of Welcome is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad with iOS 8 and above and on the Play Store for Android 4.3 and higher. It is also compatible with PC, Mac and Apple Watch.