New App Turns You into Comic Book Hero

Is Messenger, Snap chat or Sms for boring, you can spice up the interviews up with ComiXchat.

There is a sea of chat services out there, but basically it is the fewest that differ markedly from each other. It makes a future app up with: in ComiXchat you and your friends the heroes in your own subscribed stripes.

It requires no drawing skills to use ComiXchat. You and your friends choose a figure to represent you and your messages will be to bubbles. Background wallpaper, characters can be customized, but also be extended with your own photos or videos as your character can keep, or showing off.

You don’t have to emoticons, instead it becomes your character there laughing, crying or thumbs-DPS for you.

Intelligent stripes

Nubis, as is the development team behind ComiXchat provides to build an intelligent adaptation of the characters and backgrounds in order to awaken the stripes to live. The app recognizes alerts tone, expression and how ofter they write and customize the wings to your subscribed discussions.

It means that your cartoon will never repeat itself, or turn into humdrum frozen images.

ComiXchat gets debut today, in advance of the comic book fair Comic Con in New York.

The app is advertising funded, but in the long term, will also offer a premium version without advertisements and with more content. Here you can download the app for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.