New Chromecast Ultra Will Be Twice as Expensive

When Google launches its new Ultra Chromecast on July 4. October, it will be with a price tag that is twice the current Chromecast.

It has for some time been a fact that Google launches a wide range of new products at an event on July 4.October. The was website Android Police who were inside with the Enlightenment, before Google even confirmed the date and now the same website bring exciting news about the upcoming Google event.

Two sources, namely, independently of each other, report on the prices of three of the products, as Google will launch at the start of the month of October. Most interesting is Google’s upcoming Chromecast Ultra, whose special feature is that it supports playback of videos and other content in the high 4 k-resolution (probably UHD) on 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

And it’s something that gets the prize in the weather. The upcoming Chromecast Ultra is expected for to get a price of $ 69, which is something close to a doubling of last year’s price on Chromecast 2, as in the United States began with a price of $ 35. This American prize was for 320 dollars at home in Denmark, and thus are a possible price on Chromecast Ultra whole 630 kroner.

Prices on Google Home-Google WiFi devices and also out

In addition to the new Chromecast will Google’s event also offer a Google Home-device as a competitor to Amazon’s Echo-device. There are essentially talking about a smaller, internet connected loudspeaker, which has Google Now Assistant built-in. You place it so somewhere in your home, and then you have Google’s help by your side all the time by just saying ‘OK Google’.

The price of this unit is expected to be $ 129, and if Google keeps the same price relationship between the United States and Denmark as with the current Chromecast, you can count on having to pay around so 1,179 dollars for it.

Same price gets a third device, as Android Police also have knowledge of: a new ‘ Google WiFi’-router, which in many ways will work just like the company’s previous router, OnHub. It will, however, stand out by the fact that you can buy more Google WiFi routers, and they will automatically connect to each other completely and thus give a significantly better coverage in your home or the area around.

Google’s Pixel-phones are not cheap

Google’s event will, of course, also bid on the two long-awaited Pixels-telephones, which is intended to replace the Nexus series. Prices on these is at present somewhat more uncertain, but most recently has said that they will be somewhat more expensive than previous Nexus phones. The smallest and cheapest Pixel model will reportedly start with a price tag of $ 649.

By comparison, costs $ 499 in the Nexus 6 p right now the U.S. Google Store, where Danes must give 4,899 dollars for it. This price ratio gives so a possible price of the least expensive Pixel-phone that reads at about 6,399 crowns.