New Fashion Brand

It is shown that most young men have not yet encountered this brand. The brand is started by two young guys from Copenhagen, who started the dream of a clothing brand. But how to start his own clothing line, and how do you get over your head the idea for it?


The fledgling startup

It is probably obvious to most that it is not just right to make her own clothing brand, a great collection – and then be successful with it. Yet the boys behind the brand embark on the project. The whole project started with a homemade t-shirt which was a simple t-shirt with sewn-in, home-made military patches.

“I had always dreamed about starting something. To be independent of the others and live the dream as an entrepreneur – independently, “says the founder.

The founder was crazy with the home-made t-shirt, and the two guys decided that now it should be. They made contact with an Indian manufacturer, and the home-made t-shirt would now be produced in the first 500 pieces.

“We got hold of an Indian producer, who was ready to help us, but there was a minimum of 500pcs. We believed in it and within a few months, my little 2 bedrooms are filled with t-shirts. ” sounds from the founder.

However, getting the good idea is difficult– but rather to get out it in life. And the brand has also experienced the difficult times when there seemed like nothing would have succeeded.

“The biggest challenges was in the beginning to get stores convinced that they were going to sell our goods. We had two boys in an old car to sell our clothes. All the stores rejected us except a few shops “.

Fortunately the boys got punched through, and since it’s gone slap in the battle.

“It’s been a challenge, having to go from a small t-shirt brand for a real clothing store, trade shows, deliveries, etc. It has been a crazy learning process, which is still in progress, ” says the founder.


More good style – less high fashion

Most fashion brands dealing not so much with high fashion – and it is also not interested in the brand. The young men have cravings for good style and streetwear. Their objective has been that their collections from the started should signal sticks style and bold attitude.

“With us, it is not so much about high fashion, but about good style and the right attitude”.

And there are indications that the brand hit the spot with this vision, for it was a success from day one. Already in the course of a summer got it brand new clothing brand sold their first 500 t-shirts – which is more or less unheard of within the fashion industry. The good style continues. According to the founder, it is actually not so difficult to make fat fashion, it’s just that you also like to even want it on.

“Of course, we see what happens in the market, and takes our pitch on it. There are also times when we do not just hit the spot, but as a starting point, it is about, that if we even wanted to go in it, so it should work”.

What is this summer’s must-have from the brand?

“I’m glad that our new shirts, are quite simple with our classic and stylish Roman numerals on the chest. A little detail on a stylish shirt.” says the young modern man.

Here a thank you to the founder must be said, for the participation in this little interview. You will enjoy reading with – and that this slightly different blog post was interesting. Before finishing, you must of course not being cheated out of seeing more of the exciting collection from the brand.