New iPads Can Get Danish Debut 24. October

It seems that Apple is preparing to sell its new iPads, and 24. October is a good bet for sales start.

There are not many who are in doubt as to when Apple tomorrow holds another press event, so there will be new iPads. We have already thought a bit about what we can expect, and we are counting on 2 new iPads on the menu. Apple looks now also seem to be gearing up to start sales in the United States.

A source tells to MacRumors that Apple is about to get flown units into the United States in large numbers, without, however, mentioning the specific models.However, it will not be strange if it is precisely new iPads, either Air or Mini, which is on its way to retail stores.

The timing also appears to follow Apple’s pattern reasonably well. Last year announced the Apple iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina on 22. October, and sales started as 2 Fridays after 1. November-Mini Retina was however delayed.

With a presentation on 16, which is a Thursday, then Friday number 2 after the presentation this year be the 24. October. It will also give Apple an opportunity to measure sales over an opening weekend. Of course, it is not written in stone, but it is nevertheless a reasonable bid.