New Mobile Ready for the Mature Audience-Doro Liberto 810

Doro is ready with a new Android mobile, which comes with a touch screen, but also preserves ssensen of Doro-mobiles.

Doro Liberto 810 is a new smartphone that is targeted to the mature audience. The phone is easy to go to and so super for those who have not yet tried a smartphone.

Doro Liberto 810 comes with a touch screen, as well as three physical buttons that make it easy to navigate around. Thus is Doro Librto 810 a phone that combines the features of popular smartphones with the essence of Doro.

-“So far, it has been difficult for many novice users to switch to a smartphone. We believe that everyone should be able to benefit from the latest technological possibilities, and that’s why we created a phone, where the latest technology is easy to use for everyone, “said Rudi Iversen, Country Manager, Doro Denmark.

The phone has a with design, which is instrumental in the lies well in the hand and is easy to operate.

Doro Liberto 810 is an Android phone that has a 5 megapixel camera-so there is ample opportunity to download applications from Google Play Large, and send pictures to family and friends.

In addition to it, then comes the with Doro Experience Manager that makes it easy to update and back up your phone’s contents via the Web, both for the user, as well as friends and/or family.
Doro Liberto 810 is available on the Danish market from the end of October.