New Pictures Coming Real Close on the Upcoming iPad

A strip of pictures comes quite close to a prototype of the iPad air’s replacement. The get thinner and get Touch ID built.

Chop you to buy the new iPad makes you well to keep again with Dankort, Apple’s annual update of the tablet that redefined the market gets as soon as the debut. Apple is expected to unveil their new iPads at an event on 16 October.

While waiting, is the Vietnamese blog our site out with a strip of pictures there nærstuderer the design of next-generation iPad Air 2. The images and the prototype is not official, but has previously been first with credible photos of iPhone 4S, 5S and 5 c.

Thinner than Air

iPad Air fused the classic Apple finish with narrower margins, and it got there a thin, light and delicious format out of. The successor does not seem to deviate from the formula.

According to Tinhte, barbers Apple half a millimeter of the profile, which is now landing in the same thin layers as Apple’s recent iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

In addition to the 7 mm thin profile is the differences hard to eyes. Volume buttons are discreetly lowered into the Cabinet, as in iPhone 6, while a chrome edge surround the home button.

Home button inherits the iPhone’s fingerprint reader, Touch ID, a security feature which ensures simple unlocking your tablet. As with iPhone 6, is expected to Air 2 to House an NFC chip to safe tap-and-pay mobile payment via Apple Pay.

Faster and more memory

Under the stylish exterior is expected to Air 2 will house the A8 chip, a faster processor that provides a boost between 20 and 50% compared to its predecessor.

Sources at the Japanese memory maker Elpida points out, however, that the new iPad will have a doubling of systemmets working memory to 2 GB. Thus Apple addresses a criticism with the predecessors, as sometimes kløjes with higher resolution and retina-display intense multi-tasking.

Price and launch date of the new Air is not yet published, but a safe bet is that Apple will communicate it further by launching 16. October.

For comparison got iPad Air debut October 22, last year, with a subsequent launch of the Danish 1.November. The price started at 3,699.0-crowns for the smallest 16 GB variant.

In the video below you can see the prototype in action. Comments are in Vietnamese.