Next iPhone Gets Scratch-Resistant Glass and Frame of Stainless Steel

There’s going to be big news in the next iPhone. Aluminium replaced with scratch-resistant glass front and back, and the frame in a while will be of stainless steel.

Apple’s latest iPhone 7 are bad enough the country in stores before the rumors about the next iPhone begins to flourish. This time it’s from one of the more reliable sources: for the extremely knowledgeable and reputable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, from the firm KGI Securities.

In a memo, which the website Appleinsider has got his fingers in, the analyst can reveal several new details about the design of the upcoming iPhone, whose name may be iPhone 8.

In this sounds, among other things, that Apple next year will make use of a frame of stainless steel, which suggests a significantly different design than what Apple has made use of in the iPhone 6, 6s and now 7.This is because, in fact, that the unibody-construction of aluminum are scrapped.

Instead, reintroduces the Apple a design made of glass and metal, as in, among other things, the iPhone 4. However, it will only be the more expensive versions of the next iPhone, which will be equipped with stainless steel. With iPhone 7 chose Apple for the first time to limit the exclusive colour variants with 128 and 256 to jetsort GB storage space, since the demand for the new, special color is enormously high.Something similar will happen with the next iPhone.

“Since the constructions of glass not only is possible at this time due to technological limitations, is a surrounding metal frame needed to reinforce the structure. When stainless steel looks better than aluminum and costs more, we expect only that the most expensive, new iPhone models come with a frame of stainless steel next year, “ says Apple analyst.

Apple will, therefore, as a starting point use aluminium next year, but if you’re more into stainless steel, so with more money just like with Apple Watch.

The new iPhone 7 in the shiny jetsort-color has proven to be quite vulnerable to scratches and glass front and back of the next iPhone actually prove to be a better material. Over the years, various types of glass designed for both to be able to cope relatively hard types of materials while also being resistant to blows to some degree.

The type of glass, as Apple will use in the forthcoming iPhone, will therefore also – not surprisingly – be quite resistant and scratch-resistant, precisely where it should cover both the front and back. Whether it will be in the form of Gorilla Glass 5 or Apple’s own Ion-X-glass, remains to be seen.

In addition to the major design changes, as next year’s iPhone comes to bid on, you can also look forward to an OLED screen that supposedly will spread all the way to the front pages. The home button is expected also to be completely removed and instead conceived completely differently by combining 3D Touch technology with software in a new way.

The many great changes fall in good thread with that Apple will celebrate the iPhone’s 10 year anniversary. It is also likely, therefore, that this year’s iPhone 7 not featuring the really big news on the design front. Here there is only the aerial lines, which has been pushed back a bit, the rest looks like the familiar design from iPhone 6 and 6s.