Nexus 5-Danish Sales Start and Price Leaked

Google has not yet officially presented the new Nexus 5, but now is the Danish sales start and price also leaked.

There have recently been many leak worldwide about the upcoming Google Nexus 5. The latest, last week, where Google even got the “released” on their Google Play Great, the price of which stood to be 349 dollars.

But now it is not only in the large abroad it is leaked, also here at home is now the price and launch date out. It is the website our site, which has been placed the phone online with both the Danish price and date for the sales start.

On our site it says the “estimated inventory” to the 7. November 2013, and the price stands to be 3,891 dollars without subscription.

Our site reveals that it quite as expected is LG, who stands behind the hardware, just as was the case with Google Nexus 4.