Nexus 5 Slipped out of His Hands with Google

Nexus 5 smoke briefly out of Google Play Big. Watch it here.

Google has let Nexus 5 slip out on their Play Big, which was immediately spotted by alert network users, writes our site.

The phone was shown with picture and price next to the other Nexus products. After a short time, since again disappeared, and replaced with information about the Nexus 4.

The price of Nexus 5 was set to 349 dollars, which probably is not the price that it will be sold in Denmark.

Some of the specifications have been previously leaked out on the net.

-Screen: 4.95 “1080 p
-2.3 GHz Snap dragon processor 800
-4 g LTE
-Memory: 32 GB
-Operating system: Android 4.4 KitKat

It is expected that Nexus 5 becomes official the 28. October 2013.