Nexus 6 to October Gets More Tail Wind

It’s not just the tech-world, who think that the Nexus 6 is imminent, a large, recognized media voices also in.

It has been guessed at some time, and sources have even confirmed it opposite a single specialist-media, but the Wall Street Journal agrees-Nexus 6 comes in this month.

There is not a concrete date from the Wall Street Journal’s page, but previous reported to mention the 15 or 16 October. The Americans have talked with 3 sources ‘ have knowledge of situation ‘, as it is so well named.

The sources also States lay opposite the Wall Street Journal that it is the 5.9 “big Nexus 6, which will be created by Motorola, which is on the way. Google is so seriously ready to jump into the undeniable phablet-area.

For money or progress

A jump from the 5 “in Nexus 5 to 5.9” in Nexus 6 is a major one of its kind, and many are asking the question of why the Nexus 6 has to be so large. There are several possible explanations, and they play maybe all together into Google’s decision.

Nexus-series has always been intended as a tool for developers who could play with the pure Android and see the possibilities therein. They have been a commercial success is a side benefit.

Several experts say the Wall Street Journal that they think that Google will not being cheated out of the customer base in the large models. In 2011 was 1 percent of the phones sold at 5 ‘ or more, while this year’s 24 percent. It got Apple to fix the bigger iPhone 6 models, and it is also why Google is going up in size, say the experts.

Others believe, however, that it is to Google can show off Android’s potential on a large screen. Google will show what really is possible on their platform, when you have so many square centimeters that do well with.

No matter what the cause is, so points total after the hand that does not go a long time before we can see a big, new Nexus phone.

Competition with Apple

Just competition against Apple pops up in one’s head, when you think about the date. As mentioned above, then tells the Wall Street Journal not something on a specific date, but we have heard from other places.

The 16. October, which is one of the two specific commandments, keeping Apple for an event where we can look forward to new iPads. It is not unthinkable that Google will try to steal some of the limelight.

Should this be the case, then it will be probably with the same approach as previously withdrawn. The U.S. media have not received an invitation yet, and therefore it may end up being a little post on Google’s blog, there will be the great unveiling.