Nokia “Owns” the Windows Phone Platform

Nokia sits at about 90 percent of market shares and many Windows Phones connecting Nokia and Windows Phone with each other.

Nokia is undoubtedly that which most associate with Windows Phone platform, although other manufacturers have also tried it with devices with Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

A new report from AdDuplex shows that Nokia is sitting on about 90 percent of Windows Phones market share and the last 10 percent is divided among the other producers. The two producers, which has the largest part of the remaining 10 percent are Samsung and HTC. It writes our site.

Of Nokia’s market share, so it is Nokia Lumia 520 model having 32.8 percent while Lumia 920 and 620 follow with each 12.9 percent. The new camera-“monster” Lumia 1020, is yet to see on the statement.

But the resemblance is now not only that Nokia is Microsoft’s biggest partner when it comes to Windows Phone-Nokia is now also part of Microsoft’s business.

Manufacturers, such as HTC and Samsung, have usually only one or very few models on the market at a time, while Nokia has a whole series of different price levels. They tried a similar strategy, so that other manufacturers could market for Windows Phone may be greater.