Nokia’s New Super Phone

The Nokia N95 features 5-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, dual-slider and much ease. You know everything about Nokia’s new top model in the test.

Nokia's New Super Phone

It is not easy to capture the top spot in our cell phone ranking-some number-1 mobile phones hold there for months. The N95 has made it to its launch in April 2007 and replaced the N93 to second place.

In contrast to the N93, the N95 for example surprisingly compact-and that’s despite the extremely lush facilities with 5-megapixel camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, HSDPA, and large display.

We have tested the N95, you will find the results on the following pages. In the photo gallery you find many detail-and test photos and screenshots of key applications.

Phone-And PDA-Facilities

According to, camera down here, GPS and forth-the N95 is a mobile phone. But also in this regard, Nokia has not saved.

The N95 can be used as a quad-band phone in worldwide all GSM networks (850, 900, 1,800 and 1,900 MHz). It features the full range of telephone functions, which is common on mobile phones with the Symbian operating system and user interface S60: detailed contact management, convenient call lists, voice recorder, MP3s and his own recordings as ringtones, group functions , Voice control, voice dialing, push-to-talk – about it. The user interface can be customize S60 typical versatile to own preferences and make more effective with shortcuts.

The N95 features all PIM (personal information management) a PDA: contacts, appointments, notes, tasks – all with Outlook can be synchronized. Also bags and unit converter should not be missing. On the Web a plethora of additional programs for Symbian, which allow versatile expand the functions of the N95 can also be found. Speaking of Web: the Smartphone comes with a full Web browser. Sure, that also an E-Mail client for SMTP, IMAP4 and POP3 accounts is installed as well as a viewer for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF documents.

Low battery
The stand by time of the N95 is Nokia with maximum 215 hours, talk time lay in the test but with over two and a half hours for GSM full load well below the current average. Since Nokia has definitely saved in the wrong place, because if the user uses also have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or even really filmed much, stamina will drop again sharply.

Data And Navigation Equipment

The N95 includes a built-in GPS module-including sat-nav software and maps.

Nokia provides the complete cards already at the factory for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Who needs more material or travel guide features, can download for a fee from a server. They remain stored on the phone. Can be purchased but also the voice-guided navigation is not installed by default;

Fix thanks to HSDPA
Nokia bought everything that is possible to data technology the N95. Beginning with the traditional infrared and goes via Bluetooth (including support for wireless headphones), W-LAN (IEEE 802 .11b/g) to EDGE and UMTS. The latter is accelerated by HSDPA on maximum download rates theoretically 3.6 MB per second.

Instead of the traditional Nokia Jack, the N95 comes with a standard Jack for mini-USB cable. Practically, because usually the phone can connect to every XP machine without installing the PC Suite as a drive, when you choose when plugging in the mobile “Data transfer”. Ex works the N95 comes with way, about 100 MByte internal memory and a 512 MByte large microSD card.

Via TV out, you can display menus, images, and videos on TV, and connect a wide variety of headphones using a Jack (3.5 mm diameter). Using Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) can control the N95 other unterhaltungselektronische devices, provided that this UPnP support.

Photo Equipment

Nokia has built a well-equipped camera 5 mega pixels – around this naked figure.

The N95, Nokia contains a Carl Zeiss autofocus lens – but unlike as in the N93 without optical zoom. Behind the optics, 2,592 x 1.933 pixels waiting to be exposed.That offered only the LG KG920 in Germany. According to Nokia, the mobile phone can shoot up to 300 photos, before the battery gives up, that would be a pretty good value. The display with 240 x 320 pixels, which belongs to the largest cell phone displays its 6.6 cm (2.6 in) diagonal – if we look down from the large Windows Mobile Smartphones is used as a viewfinder. Also unusual: The display can display 16 million colors.

Image quality
The images that we have made with the N95 (see Photo Gallery), can be seen: uniform sharpness, good balance, good detail and close macro range make the camera at least during daylight hours a proper replacement for average Cameras-as long as you shoot more static subjects, because the N95 has a long shutter lag like all autofocus phones.

The N95 is equipped with the photo features of a current camera phones: apart from some editing options, the camera offers for finished pictures for example a burst mode with adjustable image distance, scene modes, color effects, and Weißabgleichsprofile, the in the Test well in artificial light – yielded good results does not of course for camera phones. Users of the N95 can send their photos directly to a blog or a photo service like

VGA videos
Also as a video camera, the N95 is making all sorts of: takes on videos with VGA resolution (480 x 640 pixels) at 30 frames per second–and, indeed, as long as the memory last. Practical: The user can not only stop the recording but by “Break” also interrupt, and resume later without generating a new file. Nokia bought a digital image stabilizer for video recording, is designed to reduce shaking effects.

Practical:, Nokia provides with a video cable, with which you can do pictures and videos from your phone to the TV.

Music Equipment

Nokia no longer as mobile phones called the N series devices or Smartphone, but as a multimedia computer. Since it belongs to to incorporate also an ordinary MP3 player.

The player offers several sound profiles that the user with a manual 8-band equalizer can adapt to your own preferences. The music sorted the N95 using ID3 tags like artist, title and album, it can deal also with playlists. If your music isn’t enough, you can rely on an FM radio, which complement each other by Visual radio content can be, if the transmitter already supports this service.

The N95 can play in addition to MP3 also AAC and WMA files, and has two stereo speakers. The battery of the N95 to last up to seven hours of continuous playback. This can be the case only in the offline profile with radio module switched off.

Music keys
We knew long slider phones – now Nokia launches the N95 as first double-slider, where the top part in two directions can be pushed: pushed up the number keys are as usual to the fore. The user pulls down the slider but, four diagonally lying MP3 buttons are to the fore. Also, then turns the display in landscape mode, which makes the interface of MP3 software very Tidy look.

Pleasant sound
The MP3 player delivers full sound with the supplied earphones. You can get much more, if using large headphones. Then more loudly plays the mobile enough for the construction site, but offers very plastic, differentiated and strong bass sound.


The N95 is amazingly compact design and can be operated smoothly and comfortably.

Facts & figures
Unlike as in the rather clunky N93 Nokia for the N95 in the design creates a good balance between equipment and size.While the unit measures 99 x 55 x 21 mm, but it is pleasantly compact in the hand. Thanks to the double sliders, both a large display and menu and keypad are the user and – hidden on the side of the head – four MP3 special keys available. The N95 weighs 121 grams – that goes for a such mobile OK. A pity that there is only a weak battery in this weight: which lasted only a measly two and a half hours GSM call under full load in our test – too little for a such multimedia phone.

The processing of the device corresponds to the majority of Nokia phones. The chassis makes a good impression, the rear wall and the lid of the battery, however, seem a bit fragile. Especially the bright, high-contrast display liked us, that size is 40 x 53 mm, that the user can read Web pages. The number keys attract crunchy and rich also for large fingers. Suboptimal: when typing the user encounters often with your thumb on the bottom edge of the display slide when it is in the top row of keys.

Multimedia in landscape mode
Practical: If you uncover the MP3 buttons per slider, changes the cell phone not only in the landscape but also a special multimedia menu with large icons, the users with the help of the directional pad to navigate through the.

Brisk pace of work
Nokia has been strong since our first encounter with a pre-series N95 at speed. Our test unit worked quite quickly and responded well to input. Also the display as the camera Finder works fast enough and makes fleet also panning.

The N95 sounds in the conversation pleasant and of course and cope with simultaneous speaking well. The free speaker, however, zickte in the test at times when the intercom, sounded but quite pleasant.

Conclusion: Number 1 – Law

Nokia has done it again and won the first place of our rankings. No wonder: The N95 brings much, much technology and comfort in a small space.

Clear: GPS in the phone is not not new HSDPA, also, and who was looking for a five Megapixler with a magnifying glass, found so far exactly a.But these phones were always unilateral niche solutions. The N95, however, brings the current maximum for all areas of mobile use – and in a very pleasant housing. The Finns afford only a serious flaw: the Battery endurance was in our test well below the current average.

Are on the photo page 5 mega pixel a strong word, especially since the image quality turned up in the test as pleasant. Yes, the N95 goes out in daylight and calm motifs as an alternative to the digicam.

Who sign up for the Music features the N95 interested, will have his fun on the double slider, the pleasant multimedia menu and the sound.

The N95 of HSDPA and EDGE over Bluetooth, infrared and USB to Wireless offers all of the latest Interfaces. Who finds no matching connection in this selection for its data, which is at the moment isn’t going to help.

Since the announcement of the N95, Nokia fortunately has yet again about the GPS and maps equipment thinking. Originally, the phone should bring stripped-down base cards for 100 countries. Nokia is now reversed: in Germany the N95 is equipped with the complete maps for D, A, and CH – very reasonable.

And also on the Telephone and PIM features as well as all requirements the N95.Symbian OS and the S60 user interface offering everything could wish for the user in this regard.

In this wealth? No. Who needs GPS, was for example in the Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox T830 or the voluminous T-Mobile Ameo referenced. 5 mega pixels there are in Germany only at the LG KG920. And as music phone that has only recently Sony Ericsson W950i very good cut off during our comparison test.