Nomade, Pabobo Night Lights

Pabobo last year had to send us to a few bloggers detail one of their lamps. To my sent me, in particular, the Bee Happy bee, which I spoke about in this entry. This year he has repeated detail and the turn has come to Nomade Night light.

Nomade, Pabobo Night Lights

In principle, I’ve never been particularly interested in night lights lamps. While my son slept in his crib and your room never was afraid of the dark and, in any case, had a carousel in the crib well cool, that was enough and more than enough. Since shortly after the year began to sleep with us so that this type of lights not proved me necessary although it is true that in recent times some nights I have had the impression that, waking up from a nightmare, the baby did not want to be in the dark again. We slept on a regular basis with the blind fairly raised, I can’t take the absolute black and I like that the clarity of the morning me go awakening, so a time that you post-apocalyptic you the lack of light in the room is simply the light entering from the street. Whatever it is, I am one of those that leaves the phone on the bedside table and used it as a flashlight when it’s missing…

So when I became lamp thought that he would give him little or no use, at least while the baby slept not only something for which I think that much is still. However, it has not happened and since I opened the package I have it in use every day, leaving it on the nightstand.

Lamp gives little light, is not nothing troublesome in the eyes, is enough to see a little nothing more. To my you’re coming me well for the reading of the thermometer in the morning (for the Symptothermal method), it is sufficient light to see the reading without having to wake up anyone, because the BlackBerry perhaps from too much light and if we are very dark many times I have to cover it a bit to not light up too.

It has a sensor by what is not needed to be turning on or turning off, illuminates as the room darkens. I would be grateful to have a power button because in the siesta, for example, it gives me a bit of anger that lights up when low the shutter. But, as I say, the light that brings is minimal, so it is not to be annoying. See project night lights at

It can be plugged into an outlet, by removing the plastic part. It could serve to leave it in a hallway, for example, of permanently.

What you liked most of it is small, it weighs very little, resists shocks very well, is not heated, and is a light support that does not dazzle or upset. It also has a very soft touch and the battery is eternal.

What liked of it is that the base is like a tumbler, so I do not sometimes managed to leave it well placed and is just dropping me.

He has not excited my son, what I’m going to say something else. No more utility than found you the discarded bed or from the bed to the floor a and again, so in the end I left it where can not reach it. Seems normal to you have not called you care because, as I say, it does not have the concept “afraid to the darkness” and nothing interesting to find it. However, a few weeks ago that I rescued the ostracism lamp bee Bee Happy and although ignored it last year enough, this year I love you. Gets amazed with the starry sky (with Moon and all) that projects into the room and likes to go changing the same colors (and thus step practical colors).

Thanks to for the Nightlight Pabobo, you have some very cool things.