Now You Can Pay Online with Swipp

Swipp launches Denmark’s cheapest solution for easy, safe and fast mobile payment online to compete with MobilePay.

Competition between Danske Bank’s app for mobile payments, MobilePay, and 71 of the nation’s other banks and banking ‘ app, Swipp, continues.

Now launches its bid for mobile payments for Swipp while shopping on the Web. Just as you can choose to pay with MobilePay of certain dealers instead of fumbling with payment card, will now also be an option at Swipp the websites that choose to implement it.

Swipp will overtake MobilePay before about with its solution called Swipp Business online shopping, which is not only cheaper, but also quick and simple to use.The concept is quite simple.

On a website, in which you must select a payment method, you select only ‘ Swipp ‘. Then simply enter your phone number, after which the payment must be approved with a click in the app on your mobile. The money is then transferred directly from your account to the company concerned.

“Safety is at the top, when paying with Swipp, because our solution is free of payment cards. The stores gets rid of that stolen debit cards misused to buy expensive brand-name products, and consumers do not have to set your personal card information, which could end up in the wrong hands and be misused. With online shopping you just enter his Profession Swipp mobile number, approve the payment on his mobile and then transferred funds directly from your account to the store’s “, says Managing Director at Swipp, Martin F. A.

This means that you won’t have to hassle with the SMS-codes, as webshops should send to buyers’ mobile phones when the Dankort is used for amounts exceeding 450 dollars. It happens as a result of a new European Union rule that takes effect later this fall to get to grips with fraud. With Swipp-payment security is already at the top, since your account is validated through NemID.

Cheaper for partners than MobilePay

For payments on the Web and in stores for that matter, there is always a small fee per transaction, payment service providers receive for that, yes – convey the payment between the various parties.

This is a parameter that Swipp and Danske Bank largely will compete on, since the lowest prices, of course, attracts several partners who wish to deploy the solution on their websites. At this point have Swipp lead right now.

“Swipps infrastructure without the use of a payment card means that the transaction costs for the stores is the lowest on the market. At the same time, checked the customer’s balance automatically, before the transaction is carried out, so the Web shop is guaranteed that the money is transferred, “ he says.

The addition of the new mobile payment with Swipp on websites means that you need to update the app for iOS, Android and Windows before you can pay with your phone.