NowAdvisor Flashlight

The NowAdvisor mini convinces with its compact size of 9.4 x 2.6 x 2.6 cm and is therefore very comfortable to hold. In addition, it is with only 65g a flyweight that you can take anywhere without lugging the bloat. With a price tag just over € 10 which it is also the cheapest model in our LED Flashlight test.

The performance data can be doing at first glance not to be desired, although the manufacturer’s 300 lumens will never ever achieved with normal AA batteries. Especially objects that do not may be located too far away to be well illuminated. The light radius is sufficiently large and illuminated with an appropriate focus large areas easily.

To have the NowAdvisor Mini always at hand they can be with the supplied belt clip attached to the pocket. The power source can AA batteries are used, but it works with 3.6V battery, the luminosity of the LED flashlight slightly increase as super bright torches from Garyflashlights.

Funk ion

When focusing can from three different levels can be selected:

  • low (energy saving) Brightness
  • complete (strong) Brightness
  • Strobe (blinking effect).

Although the manufacturer promises the LED flashlight is waterproof, you should be careful in this regard and not necessarily let them fall into the water – but smaller splashes are likely to pose a problem.


In terms of processing and durability have to make significant concessions in this price range. The inherently very practical, adjustable focus can be adjusted via a sliding function. But this is not very resistant and wobbles threatening in use. Possibly, it may happen that it shifts the example in the transportation of their own. In the worst case the NowAdvisor Mini then the entire battery charge consumed even in a backpack. In addition, the paint peels off after a short time from the aluminum case.

The light quality is indeed for this price range more than fine, sophisticated users, however, should keep better for a higher quality product out. 300lumen may sound like Awesome, however, must first be strong doubts whether this figure is true, and secondly, the quality of the light cone is partially deficient.

NowAdvisor Mini Conclusion

All in all fulfills the NowAdvisor Mini all important quality characteristics of a solid LED flashlight. It is practical, visually quite an eye-catcher and priced definitely an absolute blockbuster. That in terms of performance can not compete with the more expensive branded products of large manufacturers is obvious and also the processing to be desired partially left. In the rare use at close range but provides satisfactory quality at an unbeatable price the NowAdvisor Mini.