NVidia Shows Dead 2 Trigger for Tegra 4. We Update with Best Images

This morning has been rather move in 2013 CES, especially for related to the new batch of processors of NVidia Tegra 4, Project Shield, the new console with Android from NVidia and the new games that make use of its power.

Among them is Dead Trigger 2, the continuation of the famous zombie shooter from Madfinger Games, that is prepared to squeeze to fund this new generation of processors and their no less than 72 graphics cores.

According to the AndroidPolice guys, who have covered the Conference of NVidia, in which it has been projected in video a gameplay of this game, the graphics are only a small step behind what we can achieve with a console table from the level of the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3.

Then we leave you with a video of the game, in which we see a fragment of the same during the presentation:

Update:Madfinger Games guys have posted high resolution images.