Office Perhaps for Android Tablets before Long

A great many people still swear to Microsoft Office, and maybe coming soon to Android tablets.

Microsoft can be really close to sending their touch Edition of Office out for Android tablets, if we are to believe the latest new. Step into the world of Android will be huge for Microsoft, because the Office is one of the best selling products for Americans.

ZDNets Mary Jo Foley has heard from his sources that a release for Android tablets can come as soon as early November. Foley is usually quite reliable, but nothing is official yet.
There is already a section on alternatives to Microsoft’s Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc., but few alternatives, if any, have as many features as Microsoft Office. The Office is already available for Android devices, but it is not a version with all features.

Whether it is enough to get, for example, Google Docs users over at Office-cart is the big question, but people with an Office 365-subscription will no doubt be happy.