Official: Samsung Stop Production of Note 7 Again

Samsung puts the production of new Galaxy Note 7-mobiles on hiatus once more, after several ‘safe’ copies has exploded.

After the most recent monthly time problems with Note 7 phones that suddenly even ignites and explodes, got Samsung corrected these problems, revoke the 2.5 million copies sold and by producing new, fresh editions of the top model with Amperex Technology Limited as a manufacturer of batteries.

Although carried out extensive quality tests before the resumption of sales of and, not least, the changeover to the new, secure telephones, it happens maybe worst possible for Samsung. New, ‘ensure’ Note 7 phones are struggling with the same dangerous battery problems as the first Note 7 editions.

Alone in the just-ended weekend are there around the world found six new cases, the place where new, exchanged Note 7 phones are even ignited.

Earlier today, Samsung has released a press releasein which the producer writes that “we continue to rush us to investigate the reported cases to determine the cause and will share the results as soon as possible”. Samsung writes, moreover, that the manufacturer will work with the CPSC in the United States, if it turns out that there is, again, is a security risk.

And it turns out now to be the case. In the face of the South Korean newspaper, Yonhap News, and Reuters confirms Samsung to temporarily stop production of new Note 7-phones after problems with new copies of the last few days that go up in flames, in spite of the fact that they ought to be safe.

Just as Samsung announced in the press release informs Samsung that we now want to work together with, not only in the United States, but CPSC also agencies in China and South Korea, in order to ensure that there will be taken care of the problems in the best possible way.

Thus you should hardly aspire to get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 here in Denmark at the end of the month of November, as otherwise it was Samsung’s of hopefulness.

Samsung has not yet even issued a press release about the sales and production stopped as a result of the recurring battery problem. If history will repeat itself as the first time the South Korean manufacturer recalled the phone, this may very well be released already later today.