Old Expedition Bike Boy

Friends from Brasilia, aged between 48 and 60, will do something that is probably unheard of: a two-way expedition along the banks of the São Francisco River, one of the most important waterways in South America. Five states, with nascent in Minas Gerais and mouth in Alagoas. The trip will be divided in two stages and you can follow in:

The first stage will begin July 11 until August 1st. Izaias Santana Lima, one of the expeditionaries, said: “It’s here… now I’m leaving… There were 30 trainings, with trails between 28 km and 230 km (I rode three thousand and two hundred kilometers between March 3 To June 28, 2015-85 days), it was mornings, afternoons and nights…. Sun, rain, cold, dust and mud. I pedaled alone, in groups, with colleagues, even escaping from climbs, friends (like Cristiano Meira and the group Gião, with whom I learned to climb and to know how to turn at the right moment-thanks for the tips and for letting me be part of the conviviality ); I also ran between 10 km to 15 km (I covered 380 km in asphalts and trails with my Triga dog), I tested for hours… I tested several foods (many kilos of pasta, sweet potatoes, chicken, tuna and dozens of eggs) And hydrations…. I do not have as much speed nor the enthusiasm of cyclists, but I have the resistance to pedalar for hours and hours without wanting that I arrive at the destination and I stop to photograph what God allows. I learned notions of guidance and let the intuition tell the destination… Anyway, July 11, I will be 51 years old and I will be present with the Expedition (ExpediçãoVelho Chico de Bike ). ”

Learn more about this adventure in the interview below.

1-How Did You Come Up With This Bike Expedition?

The creator of the project, Régis Benes, practiced motocross for almost 30 years always affiliated with FMG-Motorcycle Federation of Goiás, FMDF-Federation of Motorcycling DF and CBM-Brazilian Motorcycle Federation. This is a project that had interest to do for many years, only with a bike trail (motorcycle triall). But by virtue of professional commitments was always postponed. Since 2009, the bicycle has become part of its routine and the willingness to cycle several kilometers replaced the old desire.

2-Who Will Be The Members Of The Group?

Regis Benes-53 years old, born in Brasilia, business administrator

Alexandre Tótoli-51 years old Uberaba MG, businessman

Carlos Benes-49 years old, born in Brasilia, professor of philosophy

Juarez Vieira-59 years old, born in São João da Aliança GO, publicist

Naufrago do Universo-51 years old, born in Brasilia, retired

3-How Was The Preparation For This Adventure?

As a result of the work commitments of the members of the group, there were two weekly training sessions, and in the middle of the week the duration of the training sessions was an average of three hours, and on the weekends the average was five hours.

4-Why Did You Choose This Route?

After a few traditional cycling tours in the center of the west and some outside Brazil, we felt the need to value the São Francisco River that crosses several states of Brazil in order to know the habits and feel how people live in the riverside cities.

5-What Are The Main Difficulties You Expect To Encounter Along The Way?

The climate, lack of structure in the riverside cities in relation to lodging and food. A support car will be used to transport the tents and a traveling kitchen. The altimetry is also worrisome, since there are no records of this route.

6-The Trip Is Divided In Two Steps, Right? Talk A Little About Each One.

The first stage will have 1,200 km divided in 18 days by the source of Velho Chico (from São Roque de Minas-MG to Ibutirama-BA), and the second stage will be 1,400 km in 22 days, by Foz do Velho Chico (from Ibutirama To Piaçabuçu-AL).

7-A Final Message To The Reader.

Take your bike and take a walk around your area, always with safety equipment (helmet, gloves) and prepared to face a mechanical emergency (punctured tires etc). Enjoy and try a course that you would not do by car with nature. Next time call a friend and soon they will be a group, everything will conspire for more and more cyclists to explore distant and interesting places.