OnePlus and JBL Collaborate on Headphones

Ambitious OnePlus has received the renowned JBL to play with, as there should be made headphones for OnePlus One.

We must never let himself carefully, at least if you are, and that’s why they got OnePlus using JBL, as there should be made new headphones. JBL is known for getting good sound out of its speakers, and it is a feather in the CAP for OnePlus to have them as a partner.

OnePlus writes itself, that the new headphones provide a ‘massive bass’, together with crystal clear sound through the entire sound spectrum.

There are also 3 buttons on the headphones, so it is possible to switch music track, pick up the phone and even take a picture when it is most convenient.

The headphones called JBL E1+, and they can be purchased at OnePlus’ website. The price is located at 269 kronor, but they are not yet in stock.