OnePlus Apologizes and Gives a New Chance

There was a problem with capacity, since OnePlus opened for pre-orders on OnePlus One, and therefore you get a second chance.

Traffic was somewhat higher than expected, since OnePlus opened up their pre-orders of the self-proclaimed ‘flagship kills’, OnePlus One. Eager customers had only one hour in the original plan, but because of problems was the time extended.

However, it was not enough, and more still experienced problems, and therefore opens OnePlus a new pre-order period on 17. November at 15 GMT-so 4 p.m. at home.

OnePlus explained in a post on their blog that the servers could not handle the heavy traffic on the day, even though they had more than doubled the server capacity up to the opening.

The Chinese also writes himself that the time until the next window will be used to increase their inventory of the phones, and so they must have corrected some of the mistakes that customers have experienced.