OnePlus Maybe on the Road with Windows Phone Model

OnePlus has created a little turbulent waters in the smartphone industry, and asked directly, they will not reject a Windows Phone model.

The new smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus, quickly became known in a very competitive market, by launching a smartphone with high-end specifications, at a low price. At the same time, we got a version of Android that has many Android fans, namely, CyanogenMod, which gives a number of advantages.

But perhaps will not stop OnePlus success here. OnePlus are entering the Indian market, where OnePlus with their favorable prices, have many potential customers. India, however, are traditionally fond of Nokia, and Windows Phone has also gotten more or less market share, though, however, have a part to be desired Microsft.

The Economic Times of India asked why OnePlus directly about their relationship with Microsoft as a competitor. Here replied OnePlus’ Global Director, Carl Pei that OnePlus has talked with Microsoft, on a Windows Phone device, and that the door remains open.

OnePlus can, if they make a Windows Phone model, give Microsoft a much needed boost, perhaps especially in Asia and China, where OnePlus comes from.

What do you think about a possible OnePlus Windows Phone, good or bad?