Organic Nursing Wear

And not only ecological, but also sustainable nursing wear, that is soft, nice and functional…


Organic nursing wear is well, soft and comfortable on skin for people and mother. But not only organic cotton is good for us and the planet, there are also several other sustainable products, so you will also find them here. It can be nursing wear in bamboo, lyocell (eucalyptus), or recycled PET bottles and fishing line, which actually can also be used to make sustainable clothes! For example, bamboo and lyocel requires much less water than cotton during cultivation, so it is also ‘green’ materials.


Many of us will be more organic-conscious in connection with children. And you know that you need to wash non-organic clothing 10 times to get all chemicals out of the clothes? It is nevertheless thoughtful. Do you want to get rid of it? Here a selection of sustainable and/or organic nursing wear is gathered. You will find nursing bras, nursing tops,nursing shirts and nursing dresses. There are also several nursing pads. A scarf, even if it is not outright nursing wear. And remember now that you can use most nursing wear while you are pregnant!


One brand is about to re-engineer their entire production specifically to sustainable and/or organic materials, such as medicinelearners. Fortunately there are others who also design if not everything, and then at least something of breastfeeding clothes in organic and sustainable materials. And the sumptuous scarves in organic muslin, which can also be used as a shroud, carpets and large fabric napkins.


You will see other organic products, which are also suitable for you, a nursing mother.