Original Ideas To Wrap Wedding Gifts

Wrap wedding gifts is just as important that you choice of gifts.We help you with the submission of your details!
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On several occasions we have already taken the issue of gifts for the guests. It is a subject that worries many couples from the beginning of the preparations: what do you give away at my wedding?

Some time ago already write a post with ideas original gift for the guests. In this post you helped choose details original for original for men and women. If you have not yet decided the post and be inspired by the proposals!

The choice of the perfect gift is very important and once you have chosen gifts for our guests we must think about how to file them.Nothing more pleasant than to receive a gift in a nice wrapper, really?

To help you with the presentation of your gifts, we are going to show some ideas that are sure to love your guests!

How to wrap gifts for weddings?

Depending on the gift you have chosen, its size and shape have several ways to wrap them. We can make use of decorative papers, bags, fabrics etc… Plastic and organza bags tend to be a very easy remedy for many couples there are in reality just as economic alternatives that look much more.

Wrapping paper

Both the decorative paper and kraft paper are two solutions great for wrapping gifts and give them a good presence to your gifts.This type of packaging the recommendatory in for strong soaps as gifts or gifts that come in transparent boxes. Wrapping gifts with paper is one of the techniques most old and everything depends on that touch with the detail of the label or loop that we want to give.

This example with kraft paper is perfect so you can see how it would look. The key is in place them all together into a vintage suitcase or other decorative elements that we can use as a basket.

Decorative paper on the other side is also easy to use and almost any gift is great if we use the pattern that we like. Look at that beautiful are these boxes created with decorative paper. You can find the tutorial here.

Wrapping gifts with paper bags

Another idea very comfortable and economical is to use paper bags to wrap wedding gifts. The advantage of these bags is that purchases ready and you don’t have to actually wrap anything. You can give a nice touch with some decorative detail using tags, strings, or any type of decoration that you like. If you like the idea you can find paper bags economic for wrapping gifts here.

Wrap with fabric wedding gifts

Fabrics give much play and if you know a little bit of sewing you can create really beautiful wrappers. Fabrics come in thousands of colors and prints, and the key is to find the fabric that goes with the theme of your wedding.

Look at the beautiful thing that has been wrapping these gifts with fabrics of different colors and prints!

I’ve also loved these custom fabric bags to wrap wedding gifts.They are easy to create and you can give them your personal touch. In this shop you can choose various models and colors of these bags and even customize them!

And one of the fabrics that got me crazy, fabric underlay (or sackcloth). This fabric in my opinion is perfect for all all all. Is great and perfect always and is cheap!

The lace to wrap wedding gifts

If what you need is a transparent bag and you don’t want to resort to the organza you can buy a roll of lace and create your own bags.They are elegantisimas!

These are my proposals to wrap wedding gifts avoiding resorting to the typical transparent pouches or organza. I hope that I have inspired and I leave your opinions in the comments below.