OtterBox covers from Commuter & Defender series for HTC One!

Mobile devices, especially those from HTC, are expensive, according to You need special protection, if you must be able to take them with recreational activities such as climbing, skiing, sailing, etc. A famous manufacturer of beskyttelsecovers with many years of experience in this area is, of course, OtterBox. OtterBox is a brand who makes ruggedized mobile covers.

OtterBox covers from Commuter & Defender series for HTC One!

They protect your phone at maximum. So if you’re looking for optimal protection for your phone is Otterbox cover something that you just have to have! They are known for making covers for almost all topmobiler and tablets on the market, and their HTC One covers can already be obtained.
OtterBox Commuter cover

If you think that aluminum construction on your HTC One is not strong enough, so we have beautiful and well-fitting protective cases for your phone. OtterBox has ensured that their covers follows the phone’s design as much as possible, so your phone retains its beautiful curves. The best thing about these covers for HTC One from both Commuter and Defender series is that they are available in different colours.
OtterBox Defender HTC One cover

OtterBox Defender cover

HTC One covers from the Commuter series combines both polycarbonate plastic shell and soft silicone exterior, as well as an integrated protective film. On the other hand HTC One covers from Defender Series consists of up to three layers of protection that makes the phone look like new.