Outfits with Torn Jeans

The slits jeans have become a trend, because they provide the opportunity to recycle old jeans and take a fresh look. However you must be careful when combining this garment, if you do not want to end up with a very distinct to the desired appearance. Consider these 7 points to look spectacular.


Who said that the Slit Jeans or torn pants are at odds with the good dress? This idea is a clear example that a good pair of jeans combined with a nice blazer and cozy slippers are the perfect style.


The most brilliant of these jeans is that they they can be combined with all, so if your look is simple, you can combine them with a beanie and small heels that highlight your figure in a subtle and very original way.


For an ordinary day that look feel comfortable and fashion, boots, a blouse with a simple and original print, and a bag ad-hoc, they will make you look fresh and stunning at the same time.


And are so versatile that, combined with a tight crop top, overflowing sensuality.


For a day at the office, or better yet, this special event, combine them with a peplum or a sack in pastel colors, will give you the touch accurate, to face any situation, >>.


Combined with a coat of fur or leather, with cleats, chains or any metallic detail, will make you pass as the best rockstar of the moment. And if that you add a bag of the same style, you will have a unique outfit


A day in the country, or any Sunday, your slits in conjunction with a sweatshirt and some comfortable tennis, you provide the necessary comfort, to make all your activities.

As you will notice, the slits jeans are very versatile and you can combine them with almost everything for a flawless look. It is only a question of choosing which of the styles you like more or is more favorable and play a bit with the garments.