Overview: Apple Launches iPhone 7 and New Watch

Here you get an overview of the most important news from the week that was.

Apple welcomed on Wednesday on news the company’s fans: two new iPhones, two new smartwatches and a new wireless headset. Read on below and get the full overview of the company’s new products.

Apple iPhone 7 are out-smarter and stronger than ever
Apple iPhone 7 are out-see what’s new in Apple’s latest iPhone

Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus-Danish price and availability
As a Dane, you’ll be among the first that can get your fingers Apple iPhone 7-see how much you have to pay here.

12 news as Apple iPhone 7 will offer
Apple expert with sources with iPhone-vendors provide a definitive picture of how iPhone 7 will be.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus can now be pre-ordered in Denmark
With the launch of the iPhone 7 using Apple the opportunity to shove maligned iPhone models out of range.

Comparison: iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy 7 S7 and Note 7
How does Apple’s iPhone 7 against Samsung’s two competing top models, Galaxy S7 and Note 7? You can see in this great comparison.

Comparison: see difference between iPhone and iPhone 6s 7
What is the difference between Apple’s new iPhone 7 and last year’s iPhone 6s? You can get the full overview in this great comparison.

Apple: that’s why we’ve removed jack plug into iPhone 7
With the iPhone, Apple found it necessary to scrap 7 the small 3.5 mm jack. Now the heads of several of the reasons Apple deepens, why it had to happen.

Apple Airpods: here’s Apple’s bet on wireless sound
Apple has been abolished in the new iPhone headphones Jack 7, and it requires completely new ways to hear the audio on. Here is Apple’s brand new wireless Airpods.

With launch follows at the same time, a number of adjustments on Apple’s product portfolio. Products shall be deleted, while others will be cheaper. Read all about the changes below.

Apple lowers prices on a number of iPads
Apple lifted the veil of new iPads not yesterday, but new variants popping up while prices generally lowered anyway.

Apple sends the anti-Europeans disparage iPhone model on early pension
With the launch of the iPhone 7 using Apple the opportunity to shove maligned iPhone models out of range.

Connect with Apple’s insanely expensive Watch Edition
Apple’s insanely expensive gold watch is no longer to get. Instead Apple Watch against a more sporting exchange rate controls.

Apple launches Apple Watch Series 2
Apple launches the new Apple Watch, who has been given the name Apple Watch Series 2. The new watch offers better processor, screen and built-in GPS.

Apple Watch Series 2: Price, editions and availability
Apple Watch Series 2 has this evening been launched, among other things. in a special Nike + and ceramics-Edition. View price and availability on the new clock here.

However, it is not just Apple that has drawn headlines this week. At ærkerivallen Samsung will be the problems of Note 7 launch continues to increase.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cause of fire in car and House
The case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 failed battery that suddenly short-circuits, continues to evolve.Now is both a House and a car has gone up in flames out. the error.

Apple takes advantage of Samsung-blunder
Samsung failed launch of topmobilen Galaxy Note 7 get Apple to screw up for production.

Recall of Samsung Note 7: So expensive, it becomes
It will be a costly affair for Samsung to have revoked their recently launched Galaxy Note 7.

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