Overview: iPhone 7 to Test Google Pixel-Mobile Shows up and Sony Compact Drawers

Here you get an overview of the most important news from the week that was.

Apple’s latest iPhone 7 stjerneduo and 7 Plus are both landed on the editors, where the test is in full swing.At the same time, iPhone 7 ‘s around the world exposed to all sorts of tests to find its weaknesses-here are the week’s most important:

iPhone 7 smashing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in speed tests
iPhone 7 WINS with lengths over Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in a new test, which the telecommunications ‘ speed and multitasking tested side-by-side.

iPhone 7 are performing drop tests better than iPhone 6s
iPhone 7 are bad enough the country in stores before the first drop tests are published. One of the more accurate drop tests are now out and there is progress to track.

So little it costs Apple to produce iPhone 7
It costs Apple only 1,950 dollars to produce iPhone 7, and with a price tag on 5,699 dollars and up, serve Apple rushing to the new cell.

New iPhone 7-problem: call quality lags tremendously
iPhone 7 and iOS 10 has traditionally been plagued by small children’s diseases. Now reported as that of yet another problem-this time the poor call quality.

Another popular mobile among smartphone-connoisseurs are Google’s Nexus which gets his successor to a newly announced event. Here, Google will bid on two phones, with a new ‘ Pixel’-name, while the company will unveil a series of other news-among other things, an upcoming super-Chromecast with 4 k.

Countdown started: Google puts the date at the Pixel event
In two weeks it goes loose in San Francisco when Google, by all accounts, will present two new Pixel smartphones.

Then came the first sharp images of Google Pixel
Spy photos of Google’s next two Pixels-telephones are let out. It is clear that HTC has touched over designed.

Rumor: Google will shelve ‘ Google Now ‘
Google Now-or ‘ Google ‘ is Now on the way out of Google vocabulary. More features will, however, remain.

At home it is sad news for the shopping chain Computer City which may turn the key on, while there is more heartening news for Telmore-customers who get two new packages to choose from.

Computer City closes 9 Department stores and turn into NetOnNet
The Swedish-owned electronics chain Computer City closes 9 Department stores in Denmark and lays off 96 employees. The last department store becomes a NetOnNet-inventory shop.

TELMORE Play expands with two cheaper packages
TELMORE expands the popular TELMORE PLAY system with two smaller packages for you, who can make do with fewer services to a sharper price.

Weekly tests

Sony Xperia X Compact-small is not always good [TEST]
Sony tries again to squeeze the best electronics in a compact format. This year failed.

Apple iPhone 7 to test-first impressions [WEB]
So is the test of the iPhone 7 in time. Our site packages iPhone 7 Plus out and gives the first impression.