Overview: iPhone 7 to Test Google’s Pixel-mobile Unveiled

Here you get an overview of the most important news from the week that was.

Apple’s iPhone 7 has found its way to the our site test bench this week. The latest iPhone impresses on a number of points, but exhibit at the same time, some weaknesses that will make it unsuitable for many users. Read why below, and see if it is something for you.

Apple iPhone 7-So good it has become [TEST]
Apple’s iPhone 7 is a fantastic good smartphone-but it will not be for everyone.

Apple iPhone 7-should you have it?
So is the iPhone 7 through tested: an excellent mobile that will not delight all. Is the phone for you?

With archrival Google, there is big news on the way. Largest at the company will be surely when the two Nexus phones will be replaced by a model series called pixels. And this week saw much new about what the series will offer.

Here is Google Pixel
Now approaching Google’s new phones out. Master lækkeren EVleaks unveils what we are going to see.

View Google’s Pixel-family measured up against competitors
Google’s two upcoming Pixel-smartphones will be less than most Android competitors.

Two Chinese mobile manufacturers are also under way with exciting smartphones. Xiaomi launched two new toptelefoner, while Huawei-flag ship Mate 9 has been leaked ahead of launch.

Xiaomi with two new mobiles: Mi and Mi 5s 5s Plus
The booming Chinese brand Xiaomi is known to emit powerful mobiles at very advantageous prices. MI and Mi 5S 5S Plus repeats the story.

Leaked press photos: Here is Huawei Mate 9
The giant mobile manufacturer Huawei is by all accounts on the road with another top model in the form of Huawei Mate 9. See the leaked photos, and what they reveal.

At home are both 3 and Rema 1000 out with new concepts. At the phone company should invest there now at several shops with new concepts for the interiors, while Rema 1000 introduces a completely Mobile-based concept for food procurement and distribution.

Phone company 3 rearms with multiple stores
Now it will open more outlets in the country 3. We want to get closer to the customers, it sounds, from 3-Director.

Rema 1000 grocery shopping with the concept rethinks Vigo
With app Vigo from Rema 1000 fills you your digital shopping bag with items and get them delivered to your door by others, who nonetheless must past your address.