How to Pack Your Suitcase for travel

Summer is almost here and closer to the travel plans for this year’s summer holiday. Properly packing bags is not easy, I tell you how to do it.

Case packing is one of the biggest hardships for fashion-conscious travelers. I therefore informed me for you and tried, as best and convenient packing the suitcase.

  1. First of all you need the perfect case!

A suitcase or a travel bag is an equally important accessory such as the handbag. So look around after a suitcase which you like and you like to carry through the half of the world.

He should be easily, have good role – at best a four-piece. Then you can push relax next to her. Make sure that the role big enough and far enough are apart, otherwise the case overturning quickly to the page. When the handle of piece of baggage, it is important that it is comfortable in the hand. In the case, adjustable strap and luggage nets are practical, so that later the clothing is left in place. Of course, also applies: the lighter, the better the case.

  1. What should I take with just?

Did you find your favorite part of fashion at the case, please do not from sheer euphoria immediately start it. Now, think about what you need on the trip. Say: Where is it going and what will the weather be there? How long is the trip? You write a list of things that you need. So, you can be sure not to forget the stockings for the evening shoes or the right lingerie for your summer dress.

If you already know what you will do on the trip (for example, a day at the beach, a concert or a chic night out), then think about, what you to such occasions last time’s had. Your favorite parts, that you always carry – are exactly that and she’s packing her up then. Items of clothing can be good, combined with several other are practical. So several outfit possibilities you are. But not too much take! But just what you need. Every unnecessary gram means apply more effort in the case.

  1. How do I best the suitcase?

Down, you should pack the heavy things and in particular on the page where the roles of the case are located. You can for example start pants and blouses stop at Songaah. These should be folded by the way, never in the Middle, but not more than at the seams of sleeves. Otherwise you must begin once the ironing in the hotel.

Garments that easily crumple therefore generally, to place near the top. Last stuffs her the gaps with socks, underwear or even shoes (of course packaged in bags) and fixed with the above mentioned belt. For underwear or accessories I find very pleasant packing bags, because then I must not unnecessarily search in the case, until I find the right part. Think also of a bag for dirty laundry.

Caution! Forget to leave a little space if you want shopping on vacation or it finds by random trendy must-have in your size. If you fly, you should remember your case to weigh and ideally several kilos under the allowed maximum weight are.

When you arrive, unpack your suitcase when it comes and hangs the clothes – for aeration as well as creases.