Pandora Jewelry Summer Collection

The spring/summer 2016 of Pandora jewellery back to surprise with its wide selection of creations in shapes, colors and materials for everyone. The brand specialized in the field of jewellery precious, the most loved by Italian women, wished for the hot season only romantic and refined items, perfect for adding a touch of glamour models all our day look, evening and occasion.

Pandora, the colors of summer 2016

Pandora is one of the most skillful brand in proposing the must-haves of the season adapting them to your articles in new ways. Brand preference goes to modern creations and sophisticated at the same time, new fashion with a unique style and always recognizable. Warm weather has always been the realm of pastel colours, and this year more than ever are colours like pink quartz and blue Serenity the trendiest of spring/summer 2016.

It is therefore not surprising to see them appear also in the line of Pandora jewelry. The brand Chrysalis its already wide range of charms, thinking new models in these vibrant shades, starting with the rose always beloved by women.Heart-shaped Pendants, colored balls, lucky charms and in many other versions may be chosen to customize bracelets rigid and softer ones, but also the necklaces in silver and gold.

Pandora, the news not to be missed

Know How to match the jewels to clothes is vital for a modern fashion victims, Pandora knows this very well, so the brand thinks new trendy inspired by different styles.

Very rich as each year is the line of rings, models with narrow or wider, smooth or decorated, that hot season are solitary stones in all colours the most beautiful of the period. Space to more classic versions from the band twisted knit and embellished novelty shaped bows, flowers, hearts and even Angelic Wings feathery.

As you can see by browsing the images from our photo gallery, in the line of bracelets return customizable templates in different materials, from embellishing with pendants that you prefer, but also those in rope more casual chic, perfect for warm weather. To complete the collection we find long earrings, pendants or clip in the same selection of shapes of the charms of the line.

Take a look at pictures from our photo gallery, you will like the new Pandora jewellery collection for spring/summer 2016?