Pasha Cartier Watch

Links: Pasha of Cartier flying Tourbillon skeletonized caliber 9457 MC hallmark of Geneva. Right: Pasha C medium model.

Pasha: The name of this watch in 1943 by Cartier on the market makes think of Oriental opulence and 1001 nights. Visually, the round timer is more sporty than palatial. The sonorous name is a tribute to the man who once was commissioned by the timer according to the legend.

There are many myths surrounding the timepiece by Cartier, which is the most famous brand after the Santos, according to jibin123. One says that He Haj T’ A lattice foam mattress, once powerful Pasha and military Chief of Marrakech, the waterproof watch yellow gold in the 1930s with the French order were to read off the time in his pool. Also, it says the rulers traveling much around Europe would have known Louis Cartier, personally and ordered the watch from him.Whether that is so or not: the fact is that the Pasha watch from Cartier to the most famous watches in the world.

Pasha Cartier – Watch for the Pasha of Marrakech?

The 1943 launched from Pasha had a kind of protective metal grille over the dial, she came in a new design on the market in 1985. None other than designer icon Gerald Genta had designed even the sporty timepiece Royal Oak for Audemars Piguet and engineer of IWC, had conceived this. The grid is the clock since then go, the four large Arabic numerals at twelve, three, six and nine o’clock have remained, as well as the concise winding Crown at the three o’clock position.

Pasha Models for Men

Today, the Cartier Pasha collection include both men’s and women’s models, with the latter sometimes opulently decorated with precious stones. That belong to the sportier variants of gentlemen “Pasha of Cartier flying Tourbillon skeletonized caliber 9457 MC hallmark of Geneva” and the “Pasha Seatimer” in XL format, the Pasha C medium model is a unisex model.

Pasha of Cartier Limited Edition Flying Tourbillon-

The skeletonised Pasha (REF. W3030021) features a large diameter 42 mm case in 18 carat white gold, a Tourbillon caliber beats 9457 MC in its manufacture movement. The diamond-shaped hands are the leather strap in black alligator leather made of blued steel. The model is limited to 100 copies, collectors pay up to €150,000 for the clock.

Pasha Seatimer and Pasha C

The Pasha Seatimer stainless steel has a mechanical movement with automatic winding caliber 049 Cartier and a unidirectional rotating bezel Black ceramic. It is available in three versions: black dial with steel bracelet, White Dial with stainless steel strap and black dial with steel bracelet with rubber elements. The classic-looking Pasha C by Cartier is suitable due to their clear design and their housing size 35,25 millimetres both for women and for men with a rather narrow wrist and available from 5200 euro (RRP). If today real Pasha wear the Cartier Pasha watch, is not known – as also their full history.