Paved Parking Lot Survives Meeting with BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry Passport is designed to be robust, in this video where the lost five times on the asphalt, substantiated the claim.

BlackBerry has developed and designed the Passport to corporate power users which, in addition to productivity goes up in having a durable phone.

The new BlackBerry phone is right now in the process of impressing many with its extremely durable outer-to such a degree that one is more nervous about the unpaved parking lot than the phone when two employees of Axiom (telephone provider in the U.A.E.) exposes the phone for five small tests that ends with a BlackBerry Passport in close contact with the asphalt.

The first three tests is relatively reliable, albeit a less durable phone probably had suffered a worse fate.But once the initial tests does not leave some specific shortcomings, try duo with more speed on, watch the video below.

It is clear that BlackBerry has actually managed to make a phone that can withstand a part, particularly interesting is the fact that the screen comes out undamaged, and that reasonable Séance frame manages to mitigate the decrease to such an extent that the rest of the phone is apparently undamaged.