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Pearl rings are exceptional and exclusive jewelry, which are made with carefully selected freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls (Akoya). They are in very high quality and heavily worked. For a long time the notion that the jewelry is older than reserved women. This myth can be pushed safely aside. Also a younger woman can wear a pearl ring. They sparkle not intrusive, but shine with a soft sheen. It does not outshine the wearer, but bring them to wearer in a gentle way in the right light. They are classic and classy at the same time. Therefore, these pieces of jewelry can be worn to almost every occasion. At topbbacolleges, you get pearl rings of high-quality 585 white or yellow gold and 925 silver rings. You will surely find the right ring.

Pearl Ring Online Purchase


Exclusive pearl rings with freshwater pearls from the depths of South-East Asian Lakes

Freshwater cultured pearls come mainly from the freshwater lakes in Southeast Asia. The pearls have sizes from 2 to 8mm, the average size is between 4 and 5mm. The freshwater pearls are mainly bred in China since the 13th century. The beautifully crafted silver rings are in addition to the freshwater pearl with each a pearl of smoky quartz, rose quartz or rock crystal. These jewelry pieces look very luxurious on each woman’s hand, give individuality and make them an exceptional eye-catcher in any case.


Pearl rings with Akoya from Japan and China

From a small oyster the rather small Akoya pearl which usually reaches a size of 2 to 9mm is produced. The so-called Akoya pearl (Pinctada fucata martensii) is bred out of bivalve molluscs in the family Pteriidae. You get the elegant Akoya cultured pearl in 585 yellow gold ring with two white diamonds. A special feature of this piece of jewelry is the cockle hallmark inside the ring. Fine, real pearls are guaranteed. For each ring, you will receive a certificate of authenticity. Immerse in the wonderful world of pearls and grab one of the gorgeous pearl rings!

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