Pixel Throw Nexus-Phones out of the Google Store

With the introduction of the Pixel indicates a final goodbye to the longtime Nexus program and now all the earlier Nexus’er removed from the Google Store.

It is about to go up for most people, that we have to say goodbye to the iconic Nexus-series of phones, which for many years has created impressive phones in a symbiosis of the best hardware and latest software.

Now called the project Pixel, and it is for a long to a greater extent been Google’s own product. This is that, as such, nothing wrong with that, but it just means that there is no longer space for the former Nexus’er.

Thus, there is also no longer possible to buy phones in Nexus-series in Google’s own online store, nor the latest two Nexus and Nexus 6 p 5 x.

Here you will be only met that no new Pixels-mobiles phones tab, so if you are looking at the U.S. side. In Denmark, we can not yet see anything other than the new Chromecast Ultra.

Furthermore, Google, according to our site, confirmed that a dedicated Nexus program is not going to be resurrected, and with the introduction of Pixels means it so a final goodbye.

However, you can still get your hands on mobiles as Huaweis Nexus 6 p and LG’s 5 x from the producers’ own pages or various other shops-see where they are cheapest respectively here and here.