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Plastic Umbrella Stand

When the landlord to fix its umbrellas intended to prevent ceramics for its fragility and too often for a traditional design, even when it is not convinced by the metal for its “coolness” and the lack of capacity, can always consider another valid alternative: a plastic umbrella.

The plastic and other resins, durable and colorful, are materials that designers increasingly use in the production of umbrella stands and other trendy accessories.

This is because the resins are very pliable and lend themselves to assume the most particular forms, are of simple maintenance, are impact resistant and above all give rise to economic complements, accessible to all and able to satisfy the most different needs.

The plastic umbrella have, unfortunately, a flaw: they are very light, can not be overloaded, because it could easily tip.

Taken into account this “black spot”, choose to still purchase a plastic umbrella, is giving great importance to aesthetics, it means deciding to bring home a totally original and eye-catching element.

Just think of the Black Meadow model Pusher.

It is a practical and functional umbrella stand, characterized by a rectangular base from which rise, as grass, blacks of rolls between which they should be collected, wedged umbrellas.

An absolutely innovative design characterizes this complement.

No longer an amphora, not a long narrow vessel, but a modern lawn, available in black but also in white and for a more realistic effect in green.

A lawn on which to place flowers as if they were our umbrellas. A complement can meet the full needs of the modern trendy style lovers.

Focuses on romance the Dog & Cat model Meliconi .

A black plastic cylindrical umbrella stands, covered with a release that focuses on the faces of a dog and a cat in search of pampering and tenderness.

A model with simple design that has its strength in modernity and realism of decorative images.

An ideal umbrella for lovers of simple and functional solutions and especially for fans of the world on all fours.

Equally suited to traditional furnished inputs, thanks to the sweetness and simplicity of the subjects represented; so much to modern inputs, for its refinement and extreme functionality.

Even more essential and minimalist design of the Lotus Root model Qualy.

Together with wholesale umbrellas from act-test-centers, a plastic umbrella holder (ABS), with a rounded shape, solid, durable, closed on all sides, including the top.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that this sort of top cover is enriched with 10 holes created just for the insertion and accommodation of as many umbrellas.

This extremely simple and functional complement is realized in four colors: black, white, red and green, to make it an element adaptable to any input, according to the dominant colors, or to be used as “explosion of color” to revive a faded since trot input.

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