Plus Size Bikini in Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated seems open for brands who want to break the paradigms of beauty. Last year, the magazine gave the talk the place for the first time an ad with a plus size model in your traditional swimwear Edition, the “swimsuit issue”. This time, the publication was surprised with a notice of trademark beachwear SwimsuitsForAll starring a plus size model of 56 years. Nicola Griffin appears wearing a gold bikini’s new collection of the brand, which is part of the #SwimSexy campaign (“swim sexy” in literal translation) to promote the inclusion of all types of women.

— We are all different, with different sizes and ages and it is beautiful. We are real women — said Nicola to the Daily Mail.

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The February issue of Sports Illustrated is known for invariably be a redoubt of bodies “healed” in your iconic summer edition, which features advertisements for various brands. And despite the look confident your images, Nicola admits that posing alongside younger woman worried her a bit.

— I was nervous because all the girls that I was with were very young. I was anxious about what they (the production) were going to do with me. And they put me in a gold bikini. But it all worked out — confessed.

The model also told the newspaper that the greater incentive to accept the invitation came from the children.

— They are asking “Mommy, is that true?” because they can’t believe it, but they found the wonderful photos.

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And Nicola won’t be the only appear in the announcement of the Swimsuits. Ashley Graham, who made history by stamping the first advertisement with a curvilinear model, in 2015, back this year. Beyond it, print the photos also Kwao Philomena.

In 2015, Ashley posed for the same brand of swimwear, and recreated the cover of the magazine with plus size models a year ago.

The original cover of the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated and the ad depicting created by SwimsuitsForAll with plus size models